High-Quality Landscaping Supplies

If you’re looking for high-quality landscaping materials, Burns Materials is here to help. We carry everything you need to keep your landscaping healthy and vibrant. We carry many different materials to help you with your landscaping project, including ryegrass seed blend and shredded straw mulch. Ryegrass is one of the most popular grass types used in the United States; it establishes quickly and grows rapidly, making it perfect for new lawns and refreshing dead patches. It can also be used as high-quality pasture grass for livestock. If you’re looking for high-quality premium mulching material, you won’t find anything better than straw. It’s clean, light, and breaks down easily, creating nutrients to help your plants grow. For anyone looking for the best landscaping materials on the market, our team at Burns Materials can help you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our soil, mulch, seed, and other landscaping supplies!