Burns Materials offers great prices for organic and premium mulch. Choose from brown, black, and red premium mulch, and sweet peet organic mulch for your next landscaping project! Adding mulch to your landscape instantly gives it a finished and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Why is organic and premium mulch a great option for your property?

Improves the Soil
Organic and premium mulch help improve the soil in your garden as they break down. Insects and other microbes in the soil consume the mulch and add the by-products back to the soil as organic matter.

Conserves Moisture
Organic and premium mulch can retain moisture in the soil. It acts as a barrier between the sun and the soil, preventing evaporation. This helps reduce the need to water your plants so often.

Prevents Weeds
Organic and premium mulch helps prevents weeds from taking over your landscaping. As the mulch blocks access to the sun, it helps block the growth of weeds. Be sure to add 2-3 inch layers of mulch.


Prevents Erosion
Organic and premium mulch helps prevent the soil from being washed away during watering or rainstorms. The mulch creates a barrier and a less forceful impact as the water droplets hit the garden.


Organic and premium mulch helps insulate and regulate the soil. It keeps plants cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which plants like as it reduces the stress that plants could feel.


Adds Curb Appeal

Organic and premium mulch helps boost the curb appeal of your property by creating a fresh, manicured look. The rich color of the mulch can help compliment your home and the colors in your garden.

Find your choice of colored mulch here at Burns Materials to help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful!