Decorative Stones

Burns Materials offers great rates on high-quality stones of various colors, textures, and sizes for your next landscaping project! Decorative stones bring fascinating design combinations of styles and patterns that you can use to effectively showcase your landscaping project. 
Why is decorative stone a great design option for your property?

Decorative gravel is almost completely impervious to extreme weather conditions and temperatures, making it a suitable option for almost any region or elevation. It provides excellent drainage, hides plant-resistant areas, and helps to prevent erosion. Adding decorative stone to your garden or landscaping area can help keep your property strong. 

Decorative stone is relatively inexpensive when compared to other filler options, making it an economical and budget-friendly choice for your landscaping project. It’s especially popular for use in expansive areas that don’t see much plant growth or on hills that make lawn maintenance difficult. 

Easy to Install and Maintain
Garden rock is extremely easy to put down and requires limited upkeep. Excavate approximately five centimeters of the area you’re planning to install your stones and you are ready to go. Install a semi-permeable weed fabric barrier underneath your rock layer to stop weeds from growing up between your rocks. This will give your graveled areas the foundation they need to stay as they are for years to come. 

There are many different kinds of crushed decorative stone. With our selection of colors and sizes, you can get exactly the look you want. Decorative stone also offers plenty of options when it comes to design and function. It can be used effectively for walkways, ground cover, borders, or even water features. Introducing decorative stone or gravel to your landscape design plan gives you some interesting options to mix texture and color.